JV projects are located in Maasai land village of kimuka and Oloshoibor located 20km west of Kenya Capital Nairobi. During this summer JV received miss Jenny from U.S.A who came for a volunteering program for One week, Jenny came to know Jambo through various Jambo projects sponsors and partners.


During her volunteering she went through an intensive orientation by jambo staff and was briefed on all activities that were carried out by the organization. On the 2nd day she was taken to visit the projects as follows:

  • Visiting of kimuka primary school
  • Kimuka samurai initiative orphanage
  • Visiting of Oloshoibor Rescue center
  • Visiting of oloshoibor Dispensary
  • Visiting of Ngong District Hospital.

During all this visits the volunteer was being prepared so as to know what Jambo really partakes in the community and also to prepare them on what to expect in the oncoming volunteering activities. After all the field visits miss Jenny was briefed on what to start on day one of their volunteering activities and was issued with an itinerary for her periods of stay.


Jambo has much project activities some of which are listed below:

• Women Empowerment
• Provision of clean water
• Community Development
• Orphanage project
• School projects

The volunteers were briefed on what project were suitable and more comfortable to take on at the moment and both of them decided to take the orphanage project and school projects respectively Miss jenny was more comfortable in taking school projects this included activities like

• Painting
• Class Preparation
• Drawing
• Outdoor play
• Book arrangement and
• Cleaning kitchen utensils

During her stay here the volunteers demonstrated outmost hard work and cooperation and were able to complete their work as stipulated in her itinerary.

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