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Jambo Volunteers is an Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that is registered as an Official Spanish Cultural Association under number 594268.

Jambo Volunteers is a registered non governmental non-profit organization (“NGO”) in the United States of America as “Jambo Foundation USA” in the State of New York under Section 402 of the Non-For-Profit Corporation Law.


Jambo Volunteers is a registered non governmental non-profit organization (“NGO”) in the United States of America as “Jambo Foundation USA” in the State of New York under Section 402 of the Non-For-Profit Corporation Law. You can view our Certificate of Incorporation of Jambo Foundation USA here.

Jambo Volunteers is a Community Based Volunteer Organization working at the grassroots level on education and community development interpolation. We focus our efforts on the neediest communities. Our motto is “sharing knowledge”- contributing towards the goal of global education with an emphasis on promoting the understanding of the relationship between humanity and the natural world- our impact on the environment. Led by our vision of reaching a destiny where sustained education, good nutrition, justice and equity prevail, we piloted two main programs at the inception of the organization in the year 2009. First, we sponsored football (soccer) games were used to create awareness on nutrition and health to sensitize the youth against HIV and AIDS. In Kenya, the HIV rate continues to be above 5% of the total population. Secondly, our education program worked to build a primary pre-school where students ages 3-5 would be provided two meals per day, learn English, hygiene and about the environment. Since those early days, Jambo has led and participated in a wide variety of projects in Maasailand:

  • Jambo has been a leader in women’s empowerment in this area, with a focus on female children. Jambo Volunteers helped sponsor a girls safe house called Olosho – Oibor. This safe house provides a place for teenage girls who are fleeing forced female circumcision, forced marriage or have been shunned by their families due to pregnancy. Jambo sponsored many girls by paying their school fees and working with the leaders of Olosho by providing electricity and other construction elements to this safe house.
  • Jambo Volunteers also aims at empowering women living in these remote areas towards social and economic development- we have provided job training and have a jewelry sales program where women in the villages get fair trade prices for their works and Jambo uses profits for education programs.
  • Jambo has expanded to constructing and operating 2 schools, one in an extremely remote and impoverished area where there is no public school within a reasonable distance. These schools serve over 50 children ages 3-14 and employ four teachers. We have built additional classrooms and added technology as we have grown. We provide all of these children with two meals per day and clean drinking water.  We strive to involve parents and community members in the running of these schools and implementation of programs.
  • Another key area Jambo works in is in providing healthcare and medicine to people in the remote areas of Maasailand. We work with partners in Spain to bring nurses and medicines into Kenya and provide them to people in need. Most recently, in collaboration with our partner Aviacion Sin Fronteras, we brought 30 boxes- 310 kilograms of medicine to Maasailand.
  • Sustainable Energy, Water and Agriculture Programs. We work at local public schools with gardening and agrilcultre training programs, providing fresh vegetables the students can be served. Our volunteer facility has a very large garden and agrilculture training center, where adults and children alike come to learn farming and irrigation techniques. These are always a challenge in many of the dry and arid areas of Maasailand where over-grazing has adversely impacted the soil. We utilize and educate people abut solar power and water conservation.
  • Currently, we are working on our biggest undertaking yet- a children’s orphanage in Maasailand.  For this project, we are collaborating with another close American partner, Greenheart Travel. Homeless orphans are a devastating problem in Kenya and many children become orphans due to the terrible AIDS epidemic.  It is estimated there are over 150,000 orphans in Kenya under the age of 5. This was true for Samuria. Our director, Luis Del Alamo, met Samuria in 2012. Samuira was a recently orphaned HIV positive boy whose extended family members were unable to care for him. He was severely undersized and malnourished. Since 2012, Jambo has sponsored Samuira and provided him with housing, an education, healthcare and a nurturing environment in which he has thrived.  Samuria House, as the orphanage will be called upon its completion, will house local orphans, provide them with around the clock love and care and ensure they all receive quality education, nutrition and healthcare. We expect construction to be completed on this project in May 2015.  Check out our frequent updates and pictures of progress on Facebook.

Our programs and services are in high demand in these areas and we have built a deep sense of trust within the communities where we work. With all of our programs, Jambo Volunteers aims to promote the sharing of experiences, lessons learned and show results to our grant recipients and our donors. We do this by drafting progressive and final project completion reports. We also frequently update our website and share all of our accomplishments on social media so all of our donors and partners can see the direct and powerful impact their contributions make to so many lives.

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