Hello and welcome to this month’s school report. Today is 5-03-2014, a new month. Generally, February was a great month for our school, no interruptions of time and resources. Many activities have been undertaken in classwork and outdoor activities. We are glad to announce that we have achieved some goals that were intended. The school has a shamba which children get vegetables for vitamins. All children and staff are in good health.

We had several successful parents meetings with teachers which saw them making wise decisions that are being implemented at school. Kenya Power is planning to install power in our school. Soon this is good as lots will be done.

Syllabus delivery and coverage
Our teaching systems and performance attracted more children and parents to our school. Now we have two new children 5 and 7 years who joined our school. Teachers are using more practical lessons to enhance understanding and quality education. The school needs some stationary like exercise (40) pencil (35) and more picture books cryons are also needed.
Parent’s participation is also highly advised in our teaching today.

Feeding program
We are happy to announce to you that our school now has a shamba with lot’s of fruits and vegetables. Children get this nutrients from the shamba (garden). The health of children is expected to be more good.

The offices from the government through the ministry of health visited our school and take statistic of children below 5 years for more vaccination. The organization from Maasailand (Rosemary) promised to come to our school to show children how to clean hand. This is goods of hygiene is enhanced.

Samurai Initiative Project is still underway and new children will soon be enrolled for the programme.

Lets work harder team!

Thank you.

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