Crowdfunding for Margaret

Margaret is a 14-year old girl that requires assistance, as her parents are unable to provide for her. 

She is currently in his first year of secondary school and resides in the Shelter Children Home.

To continue helping Margaret, we need to cover minimum expenses to ensure that she is in good health and that she can at least finish secondary schooling.

With some support we are sure that we will manage to cover her expenses. We need all the help possible.

Annual expenses for Margaret

Items Amount
School fees  300-1st Term, 250-2nd T, 200-3rdT
Uniform 90
Books and scholar materials 60
Personal hygiene (towels, soap, etc.)  180
Matras (one single time) 300
Total 1380 US$


a) The donor sponsors the student every quarter.
b) Jambo Volunteers and NA Foundation:

– We will post a photo and a letter from the student each quarter.

– We will report monthly about the child’s progress and at the end of quarters

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