1. Jambo Volunteers Vision & Mission
    • Sustained Education and Nutritional Health for a just and equal society free from discrimination.
    • Undertaking programs meant to assist and empower the underprivileged, socially and economically disadvantaged structures (children and women).
    • To improve the quality of life of the orphans and vulnerable children in Kajiado County – Kenya.
    • To assist orphans and vulnerable children from age 3 years to 8 years, creating a healthy environment for proper development and to avoid discrimination.
    • promote social justice by intervening to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children and women.
  2. Goals and objectives
    • support needy, bright children to access education and health
    • Ensure that orphans and vulnerable children enjoy a conducive environment ideal for learning and holistic development.
    • Promote learning and integration through our cultural exchange program
    • Ensure secure livelihoods through organic food production (permaculture) to meet the food needs of children and the elderly from poor backgrounds
    • Sustainable environmental conservation and climate change adaptation
  3. Programs (pillars)
    • Maasai children education program (education and Health)
    • Orphans and vulnerable children program (Kimuka OVC Education Centre – Samuria Initiative)
    • Cultural Exchange program
    • Food security (permaculture)
    • Environmental Sustainability and climate change adaptation
    • Women empowerment:
      • Training on hygiene and sanitation
      • Hand made beaded jewelry workshop
      • Training on agricultural activities
  4. Activities
  • Food security Program
    • Irrigation of 5 acres (3 at Luis’ farm and 2 at Kimuka) to provide food to the OVC center and other needy cases
    • Drill a well/borehole to provide water for irrigation at Luis’ farm
    • Supply highly nutritious food to the HIV/Aids cases to boost immunity
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children program (OVC)
    • Complete the orphanage center for orphans and disabled
    • Home based support/care of HIV/Aids positive cases
    • Provide counseling for both the affected and infected
    • Develop a center (boarding facility) for the vulnerable girls to enable them access education at close proximity
  • Maasai Children Education Program
    • Identify needy children from poor backgrounds
    • Document and profile the bio data of beneficiary kids and families
    • Provide books, uniform and other necessities
    • Provide basic medical/health care
    • Pay school fees if needed
  • Cultural Exchange Program
    • Volunteer visits to work with the community and JV projects
    • Volunteers to teach Spanish languages in local high schools (Kimuka and Ilng’arooj)
    • Students exchange between Spanish and Maasai post-high school graduates for cultural learning
    • Promote ‘volunt-tourism’ initiative – Tourism with human touch where tourists volunteer their skills and knowledge while touring the country.
  • Environmental Sustainability and climate change adaptation
    • Planting of indigenous trees to curb soil erosion and wind damage
    • Develop a botanical garden to domesticate indigenous fruits for people and fodder for cattle
    • Promote WASH (water, Sanitation and Health) by cleaning drinking water and developing pit latrines at vulnerable homes to curb outbreaks of waterborne diseases
    • Promote use of renewable energy – solar and wind power
  1. Implementation strategy
    • Put an elaborate fundraising strategy in place that is in line with the five programmatic areas of JV
    • Develop an interactive website and profile the achievements of JV this far and post the strategic plan based on the above structure
    • Open a Kenyan bank account for easy operation and reporting
    • Maintain a lean but effective workforce.
    • Work within a realistic geographical zone – for easy accessibility and monitoring of projects
    • Break the activities into short, medium and long-term projects for SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and Time-bound) achievements.
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