Dear Friends of Jambo,

We want to start this new stage updating you on the latest progress made by our association.

In recent years we have been very focused on building the Samuria Initiative center for children. This idea was developed by several volunteers, the local community and Jambo Volunteers. The idea is to build a center for regular children, orphans and chronically ill children, so they have an opportunity for the future.

In this center, in a first phase, we will host 30 girls from the area and surroundings. They will have access to decent housing and education, and also their basic needs will be covered. Now we only need to acquire the beds and we are in the process of registration center.

The strategy was to call the local community to present our idea for this shelter, which was very well received by the local community. Their proposal was very generous to Jambo Volunteers; they offered public land to develop the project and we established a community committee to be trained and in the future to manage the project.

We have also continued with the meal plans for different schools (Kimuka, Eyarat and Kajiado), during these years we have fed nearly 800 children. Nutrition = energy for studying.

Another project is the sponsorship for children in primary and secondary school and the University. We have 4 projects in total.

The last, but not least, of the projects is the promotion of Maasai crafts. With this project we managed to give independence to women and cut their dependence on men and thus give their children an opportunity because with them lies the responsibility to pay for the studies of their children.

We also apologize for the silence in recent times, Luis has been moving his family to Spain, and has been very difficult to adjust to the new situation.

We encourage you to lend us a hand either with contacts that can serve us, or with financing activities like selling Maasai craftsmanship and by finding us partners for Jambo Volunteers . Please contact us through our contact form.

We already have new web at

Thank you all


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