Jambo Volunteers has been working at a grassroots level with the Maasai women by promoting them with their handmade jewelry and products by selling through fair trade markets to provide them with much needed income for their families and the profits go to education and orphanage projects. By doing this we keep the Maasai culture alive.

Jambo Volunteers

Jambo Volunteers began its work in early 2009. Jambo Volunteers is a Community Based Volunteer Organization working at the grassroots level on education and community development interpolation. We focus our efforts on the neediest communities. We work at a grassroots community level on education and community development interventions, particularly in the communities of Maasailand. We work to improve the lives of the people in these communities through education and food programs, providing medical care and medicines, and fair trade pay for beautiful, handmade works of Massai art and jewelry.


Jambo endeavors in establishing pre–schools and primary schools for young orphans and vulnerable children so as to enhance their educational foundation just like that of the other children under parental care. The schools are equipped with modern learning facilities and updated syllabus to enhance proper learning. We anticipate that at least 50 boys and girls from Kimuka, Olosho- Oibor, Saikeri and Ewuaso are assisted and will receive proper education and health care. Our Kimuka and Iyarat pre–schools though, are still growing at their initial stages and are our benchmark proving the viability of the educational program.


Hallo and welcome to this month’s school report. Today is 5-03-2014, a new month. Generally, February was a great month for our school, no interruptions of time and resources. Many activities have been undertaken in classwork and outdoor activities. We are glad to announce that we have achieved some goals that were intended. The school has a shamba from which children get vegetables for vitamins. All children and staff are in good health.We had several successful parent meetings with teachers which saw them making wise decisions that are being implemented at school. Kenya Power is planning to install power in our school soon.